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Thu Aug 14 14:11:59 PDT 2008

> Well, Jade has reigned 15 times since 1987, 
>Plus we've had three other Dukes
> with *8* reigns. I won't mind when Uther catches up to them.

It's probably a bit easier with having 3 reigns a year and
probably a smallish fighter base to choose from. Not that
I'm disparaging Western Crowns, they are some very
good fighters. Just that they have more opportunity than
other kingdoms. 

Because of the shifting around of our Crown tournaments we
have had 4 Crowns in a 12 month period and our reign is
going to be rather long. I won at the end of July and we
won't step down until the end of May! After the next Crown
I think the schedule will finally settle down to 3 months as
Heirs and 6 months as Crown.

> I think you have a few good points. As someone who doesn't drink much
> alcohol, i find the quantity of alcohol he consumes on Saturday night
> a bit disturbing - and he isn't always so quiet :-)

I only know him from the times I've met him. The first
time he had just stepped down as An Tir Crown and he 
seemed a bit aloof and arrogant. But every time after
that he has always been very polite and plesant.

> Additionally, his taking up rapier was rather daring in The West,
> where rapier has been treated as an ugly step-sister until rather
> recently. 

He fought at Pennsic in the Ansteorran Rapier List and
made it to the Semi-Finals, the winner of which was his
master, John Blade. Because of his skill and demeanor
on the field our Queen granted him with the award of
the Queen's Rapier on the field. He was visibly touched
and stated that in the past he had treated some of his
people ill and it was his intention to redeem himself.
Every time I saw him after that he was wearing the award.
(Look for a red and white cord tied to his belt.)

A man can make mistakes, a real man can admit them
and try to make up for it. 

> Essentially, my first SCA in the West was his coronation when he and
> his consort, his sister Osa, who's nearly as tall as he is, were
> carried in to court *standing* on their shields. That was quite a
> sight!

I think somewere in their family tree are a couple of
hill giants. 

Hey! I just remembered the first time I met him. It wasn't
in An Tir. I had cooked a Royal dinner at Estrella and served
Uther and Osa as honored guests of King Jonathan von 
Troitha. He thanked me and gave me a Rune of Fortune.

See? Food content!

> Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)

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