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Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Thu Aug 14 13:51:29 PDT 2008

Susan Fox wrote:
>Dragon wrote:
>>Audrey Bergeron-Morin wrote:
>>>What's weird about corn?
>Maybe they thought ginger sauce would sound "weird".  I think it 
>sounds lovely and may invent my own ginger sauce just to try it 
>out.  IN any case, next to dog brains and snakes-onna-stick, corn rather pales.
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>>The only thing I find to be weird about corn is that huitlacoche is 
>>treated in the U.S. as a disease instead of the incredibly 
>>delicious delicacy it is.
>>(Sorry, I know I am changing the subject, but... I am serious on that).
>It may be a delicacy, but if it's not what you were intending to 
>grow, it's just another weed.  If your contract is for corn to make 
>masa, you can't feed the children if the huitlacoche gets into the ears.
>I need to try it some day, any recommendations for the SoCal area?
>Goodness knows, if it's anywhere in the US, it's here someplace.
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You coming to Potrero in a couple weeks?

I'll make you some. Just have to go visit the local Mexican grocer. 
I've never found it fresh, but the canned is good anyway.

The huitlacoche tamales with green mole I made for Tanwayour 
Anniversary's New World feast a couple of years ago were a big hit. 
Almost everyone was skeptical about this odd, grayish mushroom 
substance but I had a lot of people asking for more after they had tried it.


  Venimus, Saltavimus, Bibimus (et naribus canium capti sumus)

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