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Thank you much for the references. Do you know who did these translations?


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> Here is a Roux thickened soup from Rumpoldt (annotated with commentary):
> <<R153a>>
> 164. Nim{b} düerre Peltzschwammen/ lass sie vber Nacht in Wasser
> weichen/ vnnd wenn du es wilt zusetzen/
> so thu geschweisste Zwibeln darein/ mit eyngebrenntem Mehl/ geuss
> Erbessbrüeh oder Wasser darüeber/ vnd lass ein stundt oder zwo fein
> gemach damit sieden/ wüertz es ab mit Pfeffer/ Saffran vnd Jngwer/
> machs saur/ dass mans kan essen/ vnd schaw versaltz es nicht/ so ist
> es gut vnnd wolgeschmack.
> Denn in Böehmen ist es ein gemein essen von diesen Schwam{m}en. Vnd
> man kan sie auch wol hacken wie ein Lungenmuss/ vnd man kans auch
> zurichten mit Eyern vnnd Essig/ ist es gut vnnd wolgeschmack.
> 164. Take dried Peltz mushrooms/ leave them over Night in Water to
> soak/and when You wish, set them on (the fire to cook them) then put
> briefly fried (chopped) onions therein/ with toasted meal (i.e.,
> flour)/
> [Giano commented: "flour and butter, browned, for thickening the soup.
> Rumpoldt is one of the first writers in German to list this
> technique."] pour Pea broth or Water thereover/and leave one hour or
> two to seethe nicely and gently (i.e, simmer)  therewith/ spice it up
> with Pepper/ Saffron and Ginger/make sour / that one can eat/ and see
> it is not over-salted/thus it is good and well-tasting. (translated by
> Ahanita/Uratatim)
> Then in Bohemia it is common to eat these Mushrooms. And one can also
> chop them well such as for a Lung pudding/ and one can also prepare
> with Eggs and Vinegar/ it is good and well-tasting.
> [Giano commented that "this seems to be a soup recipe, but the thick
> kind of soup we are used to today."]
> And here is one from Welserin:
> 5 How to cook a wild boar's head, also how to prepare a sauce for it.
> A wild boar's head should be boiled well in water and, when it is
> done, laid on a grate and basted with wine, then it will be thought to
> have been cooked in wine. Afterwards make a black or yellow sauce with
> it. First, when you would make a black sauce, you should heat up a
> little fat and brown a small spoonful of wheat flour in the fat and
> after that put good wine into it and good cherry syrup, so that it
> becomes black, and sugar, ginger, pepper, cloves and cinnamon, grapes,
> raisins and finely chopped almonds. And taste it, however it seems
> good to you, make it so.
> Both of these are from the last half of the Sixteenth Century in
> Germany. I have made the mushroom soup and it is very, very tasty. One
> that surprised me at how good it was.
> Hopefully others will be able to supply you with more examples, these
> are just off the top of my head.
> Ciao!
> --
> Serena da Riva

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