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Heleen Greenwald heleen at ptd.net
Thu Aug 14 19:13:38 PDT 2008

Pardon me for starting the "me too!s" But I feel very strongly about  
this. I AGREE with these ladies. I am an ex-teacher and I have taught  
my share of spoiled brats in my time.  (Parents fault, not the child - 
kindergarten age)  We do children no service when we act like  
EVERYTHING THEY DO, even the stuff they shouldn't be doing... is a  
wonderful thing.  (Did that sentence make sense?) Teaching discipline  
is not a mean thing, it is a neccessary thing.
...off my soapbox now.
oh yeah, one more thing....... and then there are the teachers that  
DEMAND respect, but won;t respect their students..... Don't get me  
On Aug 14, 2008, at 1:19 AM, Lady Celia wrote:

I know, Mean Regina, but what if that had been a full bottle?  What  
if the
next time he rummaged in a purse it had been that or something else?   
and first aid kits are private property and children need to be  
taught that
for their own safety.  Adults shouldn't need to be taught.>>

I'm in full agreement.  Every child I've had a hand in raising (and I  
none of my own partly because I was helping to raise children by the  
time I
was 10 - so I've got the "support parent" job down pretty well) has  
had part
of their learning journey from the point that they could toddle learning
what they are *NOT* permitted to touch. Some of the horror stories I've
heard, things like this, where the child moved a chair over to climb  
onto a
counter to get to things that they weren't supposed to have, like cookie
jars, hot pots, chemicals and medications were things that would not  
happened in my household because a) everyone understood how many  
dangers a
toddler can get into and toddlers were *never* let out of some adults  
and b) because of rule a, toddlers who even began to do something so
inventive had their hide tanned. Of course, this was back in the day  
when it
was understood that spanking a child to instill a sense of "danger" in a
child too young to have that danger explained to him was preferable to
allowing the child to seriously or fatally injury him/herself.  Of  
that would make  us "bad" or even abusive parents in some modern eyes.

People tend to forget that the idea of 'child safe-ing' your home is a
relatively new concept.  Prior to the idea that children must have an  
laboratory type environment in which to keep them safe, 'child safe- 
ing' was
called 'discipline' and 'parenting'.  So, I guess I'm "mean Celia" as  
because I would agree that aversion training is much better than a dead

In service,

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