[Sca-cooks] OOP More schools ban Peanut Butter

Lady Celia CeliadesArchier at cox.net
Thu Aug 14 22:24:20 PDT 2008

Phillipa said: 

<<oh yeah, one more thing....... and then there are the teachers that  
DEMAND respect, but won;t respect their students..... Don't get me  

{nods vigorously!}

I grew up all over, but largely in the South, raised by a Southern mother
and a Yankee father who had in common the fact that they believed in
teaching their children respectful address.  As an adult I've explained to
people that I will try to respect their desire to not be addressed as "sir"
or "ma'am", but that I have to ask them to be patient and to understand that
it's very hard for me, since the words "yes" and "no" don't actually exist
in my vocabulary... only the words, "yessir, nosir, yesma'am, noma'am",
because I was taught that was the courteous way to speak as soon as I could
speak age.  It takes a great deal of effort and thought to censor myself.
I've also explained that age is not a factor, it's not just respect that I
give to my elders, but that I address toddlers the same way. That when one
of them tries to get my attention I respond, "yes, ma'am?" or "yes, sir?"
and called my baby brother "sir" by the time he was old enough to speak.
"Why?"... because children learn best by example, and if given respect, they
not only learn to extend it to others, they learn one of the most important
lessons of their lives... *self* respect.  Because a child can not grow up
with self respect if that child is not shown that the people that s/he loves
respects him/her. 

Mean old, old fashioned Celia :)

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