[Sca-cooks] "Child Safing"

Laura C. Minnick lcm at jeffnet.org
Fri Aug 15 13:47:12 PDT 2008

Susan Fox wrote:
> I'm just grateful that it does not happen more often in the SCA.  I 
> police long drippy sleeves and long skirts in my kitchen, particularly 
> around wood fires by people who are not accustomed to working with 
> them, but I'm not sure everyone does.
> Be careful out there,
> Selene
Do we remember the 'Colonial House' episodes with that irritating woman 
who wanted to wear her hair down long because it 'symbolized her 
femininity' or some claptrap like that. She knew she would be wearing a 
costume when she signed on with the show. But every time they showed her 
working in the kitchen I held my breath, half expecting  to see her go 
up in flames- hair loose, hanging over the fire, in her eyes, etc. I 
wonder how many of us yelled at the tv- "Cover your hair, idiot!"

-a staunch believer in appropriate headcoverings

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