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Wed Aug 20 14:22:56 PDT 2008

Lilinah did speak thusly:
>I have a question - does the food for the kitchen helpers come out 
>of the feast budget, or is the Feast Cook supposed to front the 
>money or are the helpers supposed to pitch in for pizza or Chinese delivery?
>I've never had money to spare to spend on lunch for my helpers. I 
>usually recommend they eat breakfast and bring a lunch for 
>themselves. I do make sure they can eat the feast dinner.
>So i'm wondering how it's done in other kingdoms.
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I can't speak on how anyone else does it even within my own kingdom...

But when I can come in under budget on a feast, I try to use a part 
of the left over money to feed the cooks lunch.

If not, I usually collaborate with one or more of the other cooks to 
provide something. When we did 12th Night in Dreiburgen this past 
January, I provided a ham and Maggie MacDonald made a big pot of 
vegetable and barley soup with some home baked bread.

We then required that everyone take a break and eat something. 
Whether they ate what we provided or got their own, the break was 
mandatory. There will be no fainting in any of my kitchens.


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