[Sca-cooks] kitchen tips

Maggie MacD. maggie5 at cox.net
Wed Aug 20 20:50:46 PDT 2008

At 02:22 PM 8/20/2008,Dragon said something like:
>If not, I usually collaborate with one or more of the other cooks to 
>provide something. When we did 12th Night in Dreiburgen this past January, 
>I provided a ham and Maggie MacDonald made a big pot of vegetable and 
>barley soup with some home baked bread.
>We then required that everyone take a break and eat something. Whether 
>they ate what we provided or got their own, the break was mandatory. There 
>will be no fainting in any of my kitchens.

My part of the expense on this was < $5.  The ham was probably on the 
post-christmas sales, thus it was also "quite a bargain" (PROBABLY).

And -having- to sit down and eat was a very smart/good thing for Dragon to 
insist on.  When dinner came on we weren't bug-eyed and twitching, but 
mostly (MOSTLY) relaxed and ready to get things going.


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