[Sca-cooks] kitchen tips

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Wed Aug 20 18:29:47 PDT 2008

The cooks were so far removed from the hall  and the level
of discontent from there having been no food served after hours
of sitting at table that I don't know if anyone would have cared.
But then tossing the nobility who were doing the ordering out of the 
hall would have been memorable.
I do remember that one of the great lines for years afterward
was along the lines of  "time to order in the pizza."


> Johnnae wrote:
>> I have been present at feasts where diners ordered in pizza and also 
>> sent
>> squires out for KFC. And this was before cellphones would have made 
>> it easier.
> Antonia Calvo wrote:
> That's about the point where I would totally lose my cool.  I'd throw 
> a wobbly.  And I'd throw them out of my feast hall.

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