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Thu Aug 21 09:05:52 PDT 2008

Given the amount of my own money that I usually end up putting into a
feast (generally close to $100), along with the fact that I don't get
outside of the kitchen and that the only part of feast I eat is what's
left over, I'd be really put out to be asked to pay for site and/or

I see it as something akin to asking an usher to pay to get into the
movie theater.

- Doc

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> From: "Saint Phlip"
> Well, it may well depend on the group you're working with, also. One
> group I play with fairly often requires EVERYONE, no exceptions, to
> pay site and feast fees. I was somewhat amused, at the end of one
> event, to discover that, as Head Cook, I had only eaten what I needed
> to taste the various foods- after cooking it all day, the last thing I
> want to do is eat the stuff ;-) OTOH, the shot of Scotch a friend gave
> me at the end of the day helped quite a bit ;-)
> On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 11:07 AM, Kathleen A Roberts wrote:
> > On Thu, 21 Aug 2008 11:04:52 +1200
> >  Antonia Calvo wrote:
> >
> >>> I know when i first started cooking, i was told the kitchen crew didn't
> >>> get to eat the feast unless they paid full price for it.
> >
> > i was once told my crew had to pay site fee!  imagine! and you can image the
> > steam coming out of my ears as i hunted down that autocrat (not the usual
> > husband and myself doing an event, but another gent).
> >
> > they got their money back. ;)

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