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Nick Sasso grizly at mindspring.com
Thu Aug 21 09:22:44 PDT 2008

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I agree with knowing your local food rules but... the site you gave (though
helpful) is for people selling food to the public. We come under the same
category as church fundraising suppers with our feasts, Inns are a slight
gray area, but having a food booth like at a Library Renfest comes under the
local Health Department. There are exceptions to the latter.
I consider it a plus for the group of people going to work in the kitchen at
feast to have taken a handlers coarse so they have an idea of food safety.
Some places it is expensive (said to be $10. Here where I am at it is $2,
though they are talking about getting a new video and will raise the price
to $3.  De    > > > > > > >

For a volunteer group, documented training can add liability as the person
legally KNEW that it was a resky <<whatever>>

As to the holding temps . . . GA state code (Serena is here in GA) provides
for time as a health tool, which, if anywhere done close to right, the
properly cooked mass of meat will hold in the safe temp range for hours . .
. and then the four hour safe time window below 138F (or leaves temperature
control situation) will more than adequately protect the public.  Sure, one
should check temps and record the exact time if falls below 138F, and start

The citation is Rules of Department of Humand Resources Public Health
Chapter 290-5-14 Food Service.  It is correctly attributed to those required
to have a "Food Handling Permit".  Good resource nonetheless.

niccolo difrancesco
(I was just researching stuff this morning about ready-to-eat foods, so had
the code handy)

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