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>> i make little salmon tartlets (piggy-pie shaped) t
> Might we have the recipe, please?

i must confess it is a bastardized version of a recipe for 
salmon pasty from Hauviette d' Anjou's feast at carrick 
fergus.  and i heartily thank her for the inspiration.

best part is that you can use canned salmon!

Cailte's Salmon Tartlets

1 can salmon (or equiv of poached fresh if you really want 
to put forth that effort)
1 generous handful of mozzarella cheese
1 egg
1 tbsp mustard seed
2 tbsp minced onion
2tbsp minced celery
1 scant tbsp. cracked pepper (yes, lots of pepper)
salt to taste
1 recipe pie crust

Drain and pick salmon.  Put in bowl.  Add shredded cheese 
and toss.   Add mustard seed, celery and onions and toss. 
  Add egg (beaten) and fold until mixture combines well. 
 Taste and adjust for salt if needed.

Roll out pastry and cut into 3" diameter circles.   put 
mounded tbsp. of filling on half of circle.  brush 
circumference of circle with water or egg white, fold in 
half, and seal by crimping w/ fork.  brush tops w/ egg 

bake at 350 or 375 until crust is nice and brown.

i couldn't tell you how many it makes, because i usually 
keep going until i have as many as i need. 8)

when i serve these, i do a large fish shaped tart for the 
head table (complete w/ carved scales and molded eyes and 
smile) that is cut and served.   lots of fun.

i often hear that people didn't like canned salmon until 
they ate this.

the original recipe can be found out 

lots of cool early period style recipes. great stuff. 
  thank you Hauviette, where ever you are!

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