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Thu Aug 21 12:31:01 PDT 2008

But then reading the posted urls on the temps is a liability as well, though
only semi documented (yes, there is room for doubt). The purpose of possibly
taking the coarse is to have an informed staff but if you have the time, you
can have a class during or before pre-cooks.
Even a simple teaching a person to sneeze into the crook of the arm instead
of the hand or to wash the hand after one sneezes into it is helpful. You
can't control the walk ins real well but you can try to educate the local
volunteer cooks.

Side note/a tip: I have a box the contains 2 types of dish soap, sm. bottle
of bleach, various sponges, metal scrubber, rubber gloves and a spray bottle
with sanitizer for sanitizing surfaces, basically a washer's kit. You can
not always rely on there being these items in the kitchen.
Always the washer, sometimes the assisting the cook.

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For a volunteer group, documented training can add liability as the person
legally KNEW that it was a resky <<whatever>>

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