[Sca-cooks] kitchen tips

Beth Ann Bretter ladypeyton at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 21 13:20:26 PDT 2008

> Kerri Martinsen wrote:
> > Think about it this way:
> > What about the marshalls that spend all day supporting
> other people that
> > fight?
> > How about the waterbearers that do nothing but make
> sure people don't
> > dehydrate?
> > Or a retainer that spend the entire event following a
> Crown around?
> >
> > Should they pay site fee?
> >   
> I see your point, but those people are still at the event,
> even if 
> they're mostly working.  The cook may actually miss
> *every* event 
> activity and see nothing but the inside of the kitchen.

But the kitchen is where all the fun stuff is happening, anyway!  I disagree entirely that people in the kitchen are missing the event.  



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