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Antonia Calvo ladyadele at paradise.net.nz
Thu Aug 21 14:01:08 PDT 2008

Beth Ann Bretter wrote:

>>I don't care if people come to feasts or not. I
>>don't care if people eat 
>>or not.  Coming into the kitchen to personally inform the
>>cook that you 
>>refuse to eat her food, however, is a grave insult.
>You seem to find a lot of things gravely insulting.  I still stand by my statement that throwing things is *never* a valid response.  It's over-emotional and childish.

So far, I've found exactly two.  One was direct rudeness to the cook, 
and one was ordering pizza during a feast.  Those are pretty insulting.  
To put things in perspective, I've *never* personally encountered any 
behaviour from feast-goers that I would consider at all insulting.  
Occasionally annoying, but never insulting, and never anything where 
I've felt I needed to say or do anything about it.  If anything, I'm 
really shocked by the incidents mentioned here.

>I'd like to point out we really don't have the full story as to why this person went to the kitchen to announce he wouldn't be eating feast.  All we have is a short anecdote communciated to convey a shoe throwing punch line.

What we had was the assertion that he "refused" to eat feasts, made to 
the cook's face.  Not an apology.  Not an explanation.  Just having the 
temerity to make a special trip to the kitchen to tell the cook that he 
refused to eat her food. For heaven's sake, if he really didn't want to 
eat, all he had to do was not eat!

>The man in question COULD have had a perfectly valid reason for his statement but we'll ever know.  So why are we judging him here?

We're not judging "him"-- we're reacting to the action described on this 
list. At least I am.

Antonia di Benedetto Calvo

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