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Thu Aug 21 14:59:16 PDT 2008

Did anyone think that he was trying to be considerate in informing the staff
not to count him in for feast. That he probably would not have been there
for feast had he not had to serve head table which is a tradition? And
failed to convey that normally he doesn't eat feast for personal reasons
like bad experiences, to many allergies...etc. (which means he sucked it up
while being King)?
I remember at one feast in the early days that the seating was 80 but only
65 signed up. There had been a slue of bad feasts prior to the event
elsewhere. The feast had people exclaiming to those who ate out that they
missed a most delicious and satisfying feast. Basically, some (several?)
people go by the saying "once bitten, twice shy". All it takes is one bad
experience to make people reluctant to try again.

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>>Elaine Koogler wrote:
>>>The biggest insult was the
>>>one who came into the kitchen long enough to inform us
>>(at his decoronation)
>>>that he was hanging around long enough to serve High
>>Table (a tradition here in Atlantia), but that he'd be leaving as soon as
the serving was done
because he refused to eat feasts!  The other head cook

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