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Antonia Calvo ladyadele at paradise.net.nz
Thu Aug 21 15:25:51 PDT 2008

Johnna Holloway wrote:

> But in that long ago case, if the cooks had done their job and gotten 
> the food
> served and on the table, there would not have been the necessity to 
> order pizza.
> People get up and walk out of feasts all the time. Does that insult 
> the cook too?

Nope.  If they want to go away and do something else, I really don't 
care.  And, as I pointed out earlier, I do sympathise with hungry people 
at a disorganised feast-- but ordering pizza is, to my mind, a bridge 
too far.

Antonia di Benedetto Calvo

Habeo metrum - musicamque,
hominem meam. Expectat alium quid?
-Georgeus Gershwinus

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