[Sca-cooks] Who gets in free to feasts.

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<<< So far as feast costs are concerned, in our Barony only the  
Autocrat and
Head Cook pay no event costs.  Everyone else pays for both feast and  
costs.  I usually try to make sure that my staff have time to go out,  
down and eat the feast after we've gotten the course served.  Often, my
staff won't pay for the feast, and therefore stay in the kitchen.   
They do,
however, partake of leftovers...

Kiri >>>

<<< A large majority of event attendees work hard all day to make  
sure the event runs smoothely.  If everyone who volunteered time to  
the event got in free hardly anyone would have to pay and there would  
be a problem paying the site their rental fee.

Peyton >>>

Peyton's comment is why I have a problem with anyone being comped. I  
think it gets to be divisive when you are trying to determine who  
pays and who doesn't.  I have even more of a problem with paying for  
things like Royal luncheons out of group or event fees when only a  
small minority gets to partake, even though everyone is paying for it.

Part of whether it is affordable depends upon how many event  
attendees there are and how many are being comped.  It is much more  
difficult for small groups when almost everyone has to work at an  
event than it is with bigger groups who can spread the work around a  
bit and/or have more attendees to spread the cost over.

For feasts we have had a number of discussions on this previously.  
See this file in the SCA-EVENT=PLANNING section of the Florilegium:

feasts-free-msg   (16K)  9/30/04    Who gets in free to feasts.

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