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With perhaps some sacrifice to authenticity, for heavy production  
purposes, equal parts Wheatena (or other equivalent whole wheat cereal  
such as fine bulgur) and Cream of Wheat are your friends. They cook  
quickly and can even finish cooking off the flame in their own  
residual heat in a large pot. You can then whisk the bejabbers out of  
it, add milk, yolks, or whatever. The end result is, if not totally  
indistinguidhable from the real, slow-cooked article, sure ain't  
Minute Rice...


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> You could probably do it fairly easily in a slow-cooker....
> --Maire
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>> I've made milk-and-wheat frumenty at a feast, but it's kind of a  
>> pain...
>> if you don't stir it constantly, it catches and burns.  But now, I'm
>> wondering if you can cook that in the oven...?  After all, it works  
>> with
>> rice.
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