[Sca-cooks] fish at feasts

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Mon Aug 25 04:23:06 PDT 2008

I've served pickled whiting, baked whiting and fried whiting and been 
pleasantly surprised when they disappeared.  I've also served salmon, smoked 
and poached, without problem, although there was one feast where some of the 
tables failed to realize there were two sides to a salmon.  I'm fairly 
sparing with fish because it can be a budget buster in Oklahoma, but it is 
well received when I do serve it.

For several years, we had a Baron who couldn't eat chicken and a Baroness 
who detested fish, so I would divide a course between chicken and fish to 
meet their requirements.  At one feast I served chicken with orange sauce 
and fried whiting with an apple and wine sauce.  I later found out that the 
sauces were very popular, that people were playing mix and match with the 
sauces on other food and that some people tried them on the roast beef in 
the next course.


> is it just me?  i don't consider shrimp or salmon as a fish folks might 
> not eat.  it's something anyone would order at red lobster (other than, of 
> course, lobster or crab legs).
> pickled herring i could see having the poke-poke factor (poke-- what is 
> it?  poke-- you try it first)
> personally, i love pickled herring but that's me.
> we had fried calimari at one feast (italian) and the table wound up 
> passing almost the whole tray down to connor and me.  lightly floured, 
> fried and with lemons to squeeze on it.  delicious!
> i think any kind of white fish, especially whole, might get a tepid 
> reception, but i can't imagine shrimp or salmon.
> cailte

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