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Lilinah lilinah at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 25 17:45:43 PDT 2008

Ah, cacao nibs! Crunchy, munchy, delicious processed cacao... plain 
cacao nibs are not sweetened, and cacao is bitter, so if you like 
sweet, you'll want to add sweetener. But i love the rich flavor mixed 
into other things.

I've bought a really good granola from a cosmically groovy San 
Francisco company called "18 Rabbits" (http://18rabbits.com). It cost 
too much, and i probably won't buy it again, but i've saved the 
package for the list of ingredients. What "sold" me on it, among 
other things, besides the high content of organically grown 
ingredients and all the tasty nuts and seeds, was that it contained 
cacao nibs.

>Oats*, coconut*, maple syrup*, sunflower or safflower oil*, ground 
>flaxseed*, California walnuts, Marshall's Farm honey, hazelnuts, 
>pumpkin seeds*, sesame seeds*, and Scharffen Berger(R) cacao nibs. 
>That's all!
>*Certified Organic Ingredient
(direct from the package)

Anyway, my point is that cacao nibs can be added to all sorts of 
things. I bet they'd be good in cookies and brownies... yeah, yeah, 
not "period", but things to do with the stuff...
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