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Mon Aug 25 17:54:15 PDT 2008

Lothar wrote:
>I have been told time and again that I just "can't" serve fish or 
>lamb at a SCA feast. That it will not be recieved well here in CAID. 
>I KNOW that it SHOULD be eaten, that it was extremely period, and 
>that lamb/mutton and various fish made up the major protein elements 
>of the period diet in many cultures, BUT, I am loathe to argue with 
>the powers that be. Especially at todays prices. Now if I can only 
>get them to eat goat!!

Maybe it depends on *where* you live in Caid.

I'm in The West, SF Bay area - same state, same multi-ethnic, 
multi-cultural cuisine, same fabulous coast-line, same fresh 
seafood... well, unless you live in Las Vegas, which is quite 
different than much of SoCal.

I've served lamb and fish at feasts with no problem. In fact, lamb 
seems to be quite popular up here. And a friend roasted a whole kid 
on a spit at one event and no scraps were left...

As we've said before on this list, sometimes it isn't the recipe - or 
main ingredient - that is the problem, it's the cook. I'm certainly 
not pointing a finger at you, since i've no idea what sort of cook 
you are. But perhaps some of your predecessors prepared something 
with lamb that was, mmm, less than successful, due to no fault of the 
lamb itself...

I find it hard to imagine in sushi crazy SoCal that fish would not be 
successful (unless not well prepared or served). And lamb? Rack of 
lamb is an expensive item on upscale restaurant menus... clearly 
someone is buying and eating it...

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