[Sca-cooks] Potentially dumb food safety question

euriol euriol at ptd.net
Tue Aug 26 10:43:15 PDT 2008

I just want to add when I go in a kitchen to cook a feast, I thoroughly
wipe down all the surfaces with clorox wipes, even if it looks clean before
bringing any food into those kitchen. I definitely keep a higher level of
sanitization in mind for feast cooking as opposed to home cooking.


On Tue, 26 Aug 2008 13:35:22 -0400,  wrote:
> My first response is to say "The only dumb question, is the one that is
> asked."
> As to the actual question you pose... I would think it would be safe
> enough
> if you think it is safe enough for you to consume. I also believe that
> society is becoming a bit too sanitized in all the anti-bacterial things
> and thus propogating the problem of more resistent strains of bacteria.
> (My
> doctor even recommended that I don't use anti-bacterial soap for
> I'm not saying appropriate cautions should not be considered. I like to
> cook in a clean kitchen (certainly won't cook in a dirty kitchen), but
> will
> also apply the 5-second rule to myself and my kids in my own kitchen.
> Consider draining the curds in the refridgerator in the future, if you
> able to do so.
> Euriol
> On Tue, 26 Aug 2008 13:23:01 EDT,  wrote:
>> With everything that has been discussed on the list recently about food 
>> safety, I'm wondering how this affects people who make their own cheese?
>> I made my 
>> first batch of fresh cheese last night (based on the instructions in the
>> newest Complete Anachronist & recipes received from this list! 
> Thanks.).
>> Since it has to hang and drain for several hours, doesn't this put it in
>> the 
>> "danger-zone"?  I heated it to 175 F then it cooled about 20 minutes
>> before 
>> draining in the colander/cheesecloth for another 20 minutes.  I'm sure
> it
>> hung 
>> over the sink for at least 3 hours before I squeezed it the last time
> and
>> stuck 
>> it in the fridge.  It would have dropped under 140F fairly early,
> wouldn't
>> it?  Is it safe for me to give to my kiddos?  I'm not worried about me,
>> but I 
>> don't want to make them sick.
>> A sus ordenes,
>> Constanza Marina de Huelva   </HTML>
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