[Sca-cooks] Kitchen Tips - It's a Joke, Right??

Elise Fleming alysk at ix.netcom.com
Wed Aug 27 04:19:07 PDT 2008

Ian Kusz sent:
>Instruct the patrons of the feast that, in order to contact a server or
>cook, they should raise both hands above their heads, and shout, "HO,
>Bread must be buttered using one's thumbs. Utensils are not to be used.
>Patrons should wipe their hands upon the tablecloth and the servers. 
>Chewing on other patrons is frowned upon, unless you are recreating a feast
>from Southern Nubia or Polynesia. (This joke included to annoy Polynesians,
>who hate cannibal jokes, rather like Kentuckyans hating in-breeding jokes.)
>Any spellcasting must not strike patrons, and must be used solely to
>eliminate competing wizards, witches, sorcerors/sorceresses, conjurors,
>shamen, and witchdoctors, or for entertainment purposes.

You forgot to mention adding copious amounts of spices to the meat to
disguise the taste of rotting flesh.

It was all I could do to avoid sending counter-arguments and documentation
to the contrary for those items.  Polynesia??? No contact pre-1600.  And
spellcasting will get you death in most places...

Alys K.

Elise Fleming
alysk at ix.netcom.com

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