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Of course, there is no chocolate in the Northern Hemisphere, from 
Ghirardelli Square to Hershey, PA to John Cadbury's chocolate shop in 
Birmingham.  Nope.

Meanwhile, back on topic:  my best lamb recipe is not from an historical 
document but very simple.  Leg of lamb, cut with slits, slits filled 
with one-half clove garlic and an equal-sized chunk of candied ginger;  
marinate in cheap nasty red wine, must be nasty, those tannins degrease 
and tenderize the lamb like nothing else does.  Baste with same while 
the lamb roasts until done.  This is a lamb for non-lamb-lovers;  the 
only one who ever complained was the boy who was allergic to lamb and 
did not know it before trying and liking this dish.


> Thanks for the invite, Drakey, but you're also the land of tasty treats like 
> Tim-tams, and since I'm in the middle of a lifestyle change that involves 
> staying away from most sweets (especially the highly processed kind), I'd 
> better stay over here in the safer hemisphere....
> --Maire
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>>  Oh my god... We get nice legs of lamb here for about $2.5/lb... And
>> you can get a whole side of mutton for about $20...
>>  Drakey - come to Lochac, the lamb capital of the SCA :)

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