[Sca-cooks] lamb at feast (was: fish at feast)

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Wed Aug 27 08:15:46 PDT 2008

Thanks for the invite, Drakey, but you're also the land of tasty treats like 
Tim-tams, and since I'm in the middle of a lifestyle change that involves 
staying away from most sweets (especially the highly processed kind), I'd 
better stay over here in the safer hemisphere....

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>  Oh my god... We get nice legs of lamb here for about $2.5/lb... And
> you can get a whole side of mutton for about $20...
>  Drakey - come to Lochac, the lamb capital of the SCA :)

>  On Wed 27/08/08 11:45 AM , "S CLEMENGER" sclemenger at msn.com sent:
>  We have problems like that with fish, as well.  We're waaay too
> landlocked
>  for fish to be cheap here, let alone fresh.  Lamb, on the very rare
>  occasions I've seen it for sale, starts at like $8/lb.
>  -Maire

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