[Sca-cooks] Kitchen tips

Laureen Hart lhart at graycomputer.com
Wed Aug 27 11:58:04 PDT 2008

No, no, no, not meat on a stick...Turkey Legs are the only period
recipe...Sheesh...watch the movies already. Don't forget grabbing the
buttocks of the serving wenches. LOL.
Meat on a stick is the only period recipe, other than bread and butter.
Vegetables must be avoided.
Instruct the patrons of the feast that, in order to contact a server or
cook, they should raise both hands above their heads, and shout, "HO,
Bread must be buttered using one's thumbs.  Utensils are not to be used.
For the truly scrupulous, they should place food on the table, and bury
their face into it.  Before it's killed, of course.

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