[Sca-cooks] Spontaneous fermentation

Laureen Hart lhart at graycomputer.com
Wed Aug 27 12:08:46 PDT 2008

Is it possible that the jugs are all coming from the same lot or batch?
If they were all purchased at the same store and a) they don't turn over
quickly or b) They buy a huge amount at a time, you could be getting jugs
from a bad run. Since you doubtless chucked the bad stuff that may be hard
to tell. Contacting the producer is a good thing. You could be helpful in
adding to information they are collecting. 
> I've been having a run of weirdness in my refrigerator of late.
> I generally buy a big jug of salsa and it lasts me a couple months in the 
> refrigerator as I consume it on lots of different things. But the last 
> three bottles I have bought I have been unable to finish. Not because I 
> can't eat it, but because it starts fermenting within a couple of weeks of

> my opening a new one.
> It bubbles quite vigorously and smells yeasty and alcoholic, so it has 
> definitely been contaminated with yeast. Now what baffles me about all of 
> this is how it is getting contaminated with yeast. I am careful to keep 
> the neck of the bottle clean and I never put anything but a clean spoon in

> it to remove any from the jar. My refrigerator temperature is fine, I have

> a thermometer in there and check it regularly to be sure. Though to be 
> honest, even the recommended refrigerator temperatures are not an 
> impediment to yeast doing their thing slowly.
> Since it has happened with the same brand three times, I am beginning to 
> suspect that it isn't something I am doing. I am going to contact the 
> manufacturer about this issue and will be buying a different brand next 
> time I go to buy some.
> I'm not going to mention what the brand is just yet, not until I talk to 
> them about it. But I will say it is a nationally distributed one. But if 
> anyone has seen the same thing recently, I would be interested in hearing 
> about it.
> Dragon

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