[Sca-cooks] Cookbook Collection Going to Penn...a question...

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 28 07:43:09 PDT 2008

Stefan li Rous wrote:
> <<< We may be able to get in if we need to, via connections in the 
> Culinary
> Historians of Southern California.  However, this attitude on the part
> of the Huntington is part of the reason why I intend to will my
> collection to the Los Angeles Public Library instead.  The after-effects
> of great fire at the Central Library of 1986 are still being felt, and
> one of the collections that went up was their cookbooks.
> Selene, CHSC board member >>>
> So how do you keep such a donated book collection from simply showing 
> up in the next public library book sale?

Stefan of the Hard Questions.  I guess, in the end, you don't.  However, 
I plan to go through the Central Library where they keep track of the 
whole system.  If something I have is a not needed at any of the 70-odd 
branches,  they are free to sell it to raise funds for other library 
needs.  But I like to think that at least some of my collection will 
remain in the stacks.  In all modesty, I have managed to acquire some 
great rarities and weird stuff, not just about SCA period but all 
centuries.  For one thing, I think I have everything that M.F.K. Fisher 
ever published, even the purple fiction.  Interesting lady, she wrote 
not only about food about about life.  Probably best known as the main 
author of Time-Life's THE COOKING OF PROVINCIAL FRANCE, part of their 
International cookbook series, as well as a major translator of 
Brillat-Savarin's THE PHYSIOLOGY OF TASTE and an all around brilliant 
essayist.  And she was a SoCal local, which should be of interest to the 
LA Public Library if nothing else.


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