[Sca-cooks] OOP: Poutine Festival in Montreal

David Walddon david at vastrepast.com
Fri Aug 29 11:05:01 PDT 2008

Good poutine rocks!
I miss fries and gravy (with or without the cheese) sooooooo much.
I will even eat the less than good ones on the BC Ferries because I  
need a fix when I go home to the Great White North!!

The foie poutine sounds rather odd.

Now I need to go and get some curd and fries and some gravy. I have  
never made them at home but I will do so this weekend because of all  
this poutine talk!



Food is life. May the plenty that graces your table truly be a VAST  

David Walddon
david at vastrepast.com

On Aug 29, 2008, at 10:23 AM, Audrey Bergeron-Morin wrote:

>> Routledge (sp?), the interviewee, said he could take her to places in
>> Montreal that would change her mind about poutine. So all poutine  
>> is not
>> created equal...
> Well, we (in Montreal) have this place serving foie gras poutine, but
> also many other places now have their own "fancy" kind. In addition to
> the standard gravy poutine, there's also the Italian poutine (replace
> gravy with spaghetti sauce) - IMO it's much better with gravy.
> The fries have to be the soft center/crisp outside kind, freshly made.
> Poutine with cardboard fries isn't worth the trouble. Then comes the
> cheese, which has to be hard curd chesse, as fresh as possible, so it
> squeeks when you eat it. Then the sauce has to be really hot so the
> cheese has a chance to melt.
> Not our best culinary achievement, but it has its appeal when you have
> the muchies at 2 am and feel like eating junk. Personnally, I can't
> eat the stuff - too heavy. I'll gladly grab a few bites from my
> neighbour's plate, though :-)
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