[Sca-cooks] Equipment Misuse Idea

Volker Bach carlton_bach at yahoo.de
Sun Aug 31 03:19:56 PDT 2008

Just a story I would like to share in case it turns out useful for someone: 

We had a copier repairman over at the school I work for last week. He replaced two rubberised paper feed rolls in the machine (it's working - sort of - reliably now). He then tossed the old ones and I noticed that they were solid, smooth, heavy and perfectly machined cylinders; 

Rolling pins. 

So I adopted them, took them home, cleaned them thoroughly (that is important  unless you ginger-nut-toner cookies) and used them for the first time today. I tried both a silicon mat and a glass plate as surfaces and they are wonderful for rolling out dough very thin. Probably not so useful for crumbly doughs, I'll try that next.



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