[Sca-cooks] Fwd: Pennsic Credit Card Problems?

Terri Morgan online2much at cox.net
Sun Aug 31 17:42:14 PDT 2008

> Anyone heard of similar problems?

Not at Pennsic. I went for a trip to Norstead (Missouri) a year ago and
according to my card history apparently ended somewhere in Indiana buying a
large-screen TV from Walmart.

It was the same sort of problem though, in that whoever had my card number
actually had a card in their hand when they attempted the purchase. In my
case, Wal-mart turned it down and flagged it to the credit company as
'fishy' so I was notified within 12 hours of the first attempt (a gas
purchase at the pump), which had passed the 'card swipe test' and before any
other attempts could be made. 

My Visa company told me that it is a problem with scammers getting the
numbers and creating new cards which they then sell to other folks. They
also said that it more commonly comes from insiders in banks or credit
companies having access to the number codes.


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