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Fri Feb 1 16:25:06 PST 2008

I just did an article on this topic, so here's part of the scoop:

The complete citation is:**

Wang, Teresa and E.N. Anderson. “Ni Tsan and His 'Cloud Forest Hall 
Collection of Rules for Drinking and Eating'.”/ Petits Propos 
Culinaires. /[London: 1988] #60, pp. 24-41.

See also “Some remarks about the translation of Yun Lintang Yinshi Zhidu 
Ji” published in /PPC/ #61 [pp. 38-41]/ /by Francoise Sabban, which 
offers corrections and alternative translations.

If you are going to interlibrary loan this--- get both articles.

MORE importantly---

The Ni Tsan manuscript was later corrected and the translation improved. 
That article appears as a chapter in:

Anderson, Eugene N.,  Teresa Wang, and Victor Mair.  2005./  /"Ni Zan, 
Cloud Forest Hall Collection of Rules for Drinking and Eating."/ /in: 
Victor Mair, Nancy Steinhardt and Paul R. Goldin (eds.),/ Hawai'i Reader 
in Traditional Chinese Culture. /Honolulu, HI:  University of Hawaii 
Press. 2005.  Pp. 444-455.

This can be interlibrary loaned although the book is not that common.

Also you should be aware that 

Gene or Eugene Anderson is also the author of */The Food of China./ 
[**New Haven: Yale University Press. 1988.] That work is widely 
available. Additional notes and updates may be found on Anderson’s 

            Briefly I should mention that for Japanese fare and foods 
there is this book:

Ishige, Naomi. /The history and culture of Japanese food/. London and 
New York: Kegan Paul, 2001. 273 p.   Surveys the origins of Japanese 
diet and foodways and includes bibliographies. It’s not a cookbook with 


Elaine Koogler wrote:
> Ooops....I forgot that one.  It was translated by Charles Perry and appeared
> in a PPC..."Ni Tsan and his 'Cloud Forest Hall Collection of Rules for
> Drinking and Eating'"  translated by Teresa Wang & E. N. Anderson**. *Petit
> Propos Culinaires 60*.  London:  Prospect Books, 1998.
> Kiri

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