[Sca-cooks] Capi di Latte

Gretchen Beck grm at andrew.cmu.edu
Sat Feb 2 17:08:15 PST 2008


I've been reading Helewyse's translations of the menus from Scappi, and 
decided to give Capi di Latte (the dish that shows up in all the 1st 
service from the sideboard menus).

Here's what I've got so far:

Per fare torta di cappi di latte, & altre materie, Reale.

Piglinsi dieci capi di latte, e due libre e mezza di ricotta fresca, e 
quattro oncie  di cascio grasso grattato quattro oncie di pignoli 
ammogliati, & ammaccati, una libraa, e mezza, di zuccaro, due oncie di 
mostaccioli Napoletani fatti in polvere, un oncia di cannella, 
mezz'onciatra noci moscate, e garofali, e sei ova fresche, e d'essa 
compositione se ne faccia torta nel modo, che si fa quella del bianco 
magnare a cap. 76 e servasi nel medesimo modo.

Which as far as I can tell means (more or less):

To make ten heads of milk. Take 2.5 lbs fresh ricotta, 4 oz of grated fat 
cheese grattato [pecorino should work], 4 oz of pine nuts married? and 
crushed, 1.5 lb sugar, 2 oz mostaccioli Napoletani powdered [cake crumbs 
from a particular type of cake -will bread crumbs work?], 1 oz cinnamon, 1 
oz each of nutmeg and ginger, and six fresh eggs, and mix it in the manner 
of a tart,[and I have no idea how to interpret che si fa quella, possible 
which may be used for] with  blancmange ?to Cap 76 [this recipe calls for 2 
capi di latte] and served in the same way?.

As a start -- I'm wondering if this sounds correct. It doesn't look like 
it's cooked (although I'd like opinions on this -- it's supposed to be an 
ancestor of panna cotta, which is more like a bavarian cream -- is that the 
texture we're going for here?) If anyone has made this recipe or something 
similar, any tips?

Anyhow, any suggestions/corrections would be appreciated. I'm going to try 
making this tomorrow.

toodles, margaret

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