[Sca-cooks] The use of sumac in medieval Arabic cooking

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Sun Feb 3 11:22:41 PST 2008

>I guess the question is, was it ever used in the medieval period?
>I do not specifically see it mentioned in Perry, so I am just 
>wondering if there is a term I am missing, or whether it was 
>Turk-specific and they brought it with them into the lands they had 

I'm coming in late, but yes, absolutely.

Sumac is used in eleven recipes in al-Baghdadi's cookbook.

It does not appear in any of the recipes in the Anon. Andalusian 
cookbook, however.

...see my comparison of the spiceboxes of al-Baghdadi and the Anon. Andlausian


And it is used in a number of other surviving Near and Middle Eastern 
cookbooks. I'll look over the frustrating "Medieval Cuisine of the 
Islamic World" and pull out a few.

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