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Helen Schultz meisterin02 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 4 12:13:58 PST 2008

They serve some steaks in Germany with herb butter even now... one of the ones I remember best was called "Rahmsteak mit Krauterbutter" (there is an umlaut over the first 'u').  The herbs were savory rather than sweetish like cinammon... like maybe oregano or basil??, but it was good nonetheless. <grin>

I love hearing of your experiments, Gunther... one of these days, I might even try one or two <sheepish grin>. I keep imagining converting my home fireplace into an area to spit roast meats.

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This weekend, along with stuffing sausage, I cooked thebeef for my Egredouce. For fun I decided to use a periodbasting of butter, cinnamon, nutmeg and a bit of driedginger. I cooked two large sirloin steaks dusted with the spicesand placed a couple of large pats of butter on top. Thesteaks were broiled until medium rare. They were awesome. The sweet spices didn't taste at alloff and the butter enhanced the beefy flavor and richnessof the meat. I would serve this to modern tastes withno problem. They were slightly unusual but not "off".  The juices from this will be used to flavor my peas for my A&Sdisplay since the period recipe calls for cooking them in "sewe".I think this will make a MUCH better dish than using plain beefbroth. So, maybe our ancestors were on to something.... GuntharWho usually spices steaks with smoked salt, ground pepperand garlic powder.

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