[Sca-cooks] Once again, Tentative New Year's Menus

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So, even though my Chinese astrological sign *is* the Rat (which is humorous, because I can't *stand* them), and the Chinese new year starts this week, my personal year doesn't actually start until August, when my birthday takes place?
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  As far as I know, and if I understand the question, you start counting  
  in the year you're born. So, on Wednesday night we have the arrival of  
  4706, The Year of the Rat, followed by 4707, The Year of the Ox, next  
  January 26th.

  In general, the primary cycle begins (I'm told) with the Year of the  
  Rat, and ends with the Year of The Boar (this would be the equivalent  
  of the western cycle beginning with Capricorn, I guess). However, the  
  year for your astrological sign (so, for Gunthar, myself and others,  
  in late January 2009) is the beginning of your personal cycle.

  It's true that there's sometimes  some confusion about things being  
  ten years old and in their tenth year, but I don't think that applies  

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