[Sca-cooks] Zanku Chicken

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 9 21:26:24 PST 2008

Stefan li Rous wrote:
> Huette mentioned Zanku Chicken:
> <<< I have had that from the Glendale Baklava Factory.  It was indeed  
> sugary, but quite delicious.
> I really should find the North Hollywood one, because the one in  
> Glendale, although wonderful,
> has wretched parking.  The only good thing about that complex is that  
> not only does it have
> Baklava, it also has Zanku Chicken!  Yummy!  Fattening!  Delicious! >>>
> So what is "Zanku Chicken"?
> Thanks,
>    Stefan
> --------
Zankou Chicken specializes in a particular type of Armenian garlic 
broiled chicken.  This is the largest chain, although I am more partial 
to a smaller group called Sevan Chicken, also based in Glendale, which 
is a nexus of Armenian population.  More garlic.  Yay.  It's not the 
chicken that is so fattening, so much of the fat drips off in the 
rotisserie proces, it's the customary Mediterranean side dishes. 

Curiously, I'm having trouble finding a recipe for this kind of 
chicken.  How hard can it be?  Maybe it's one of those things that 
nobody's mother makes at home.  <moue of frustration>

Selene Colfox

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