[Sca-cooks] Reason for a bread maker

Chari cecelie at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 10 12:19:45 PST 2008

Basically I was looking at a bread machine for making dough. I really wasn't planning on using it to bake the bread. Thanks for all the help. Now Im off in search of a kitchenaide mixer :)


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>I have also become a decent bread baker  -- but don't know enough about 
>bread machines because I have avoided using/owning one.  I noticed my folks 
>have one, but it is not used as often as I would expect  {dad probably 
>bought it coz it's a "gadget" and was on sale}  My In-laws have one, but I 
>saw how they mix the dough, but then take the dough out for a final rising & 
>bake it in the oven.  I think the "fun is in the doing"  -- I use my 
>kitchenaide bread hook too for the first round of mixing, but then knead by 
>hand.  A kitchenAide is much more versatile a machine than one that only 
>bakes bread.
>Share with us why you want a bread machine
>Caointiarn  { baking bread for Spring Feast in BSK}

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