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As the proud owner of 2 Kitchenaide mixers and several of their smaller appliences, I can say that it will be one of the best investments for your kitchen you will ever make.

A very long time ago I purchased a breadmaker as I was afraid of trying to make bread from scratch.  The breadmaker was the latest kitchen gadget to hit the market at that time.  I used it a few times, but it soon began to gather dust as my confidence in dealing with yeast doughs grew.  

When I was able to afford one, in came my first Kitchenaide standmixer (325 watt Artisan model).  I have periodic bouts with tendonitis and arthritis, the dough hook became my best friend.  

In the middle of producing 200(?) loaves of bread for Atlantia's 20 Year Celebration, one of the gears slipped out of place and my darling husband purchased for me the 575 watt Professional model.  The bigger model can crank through a quadruple batch of chocolate chip cookie dough like it's nothing. :-)

I love them both.  BTW, I was able to have the smaller model fixed in no time!  Kithchenaide has service centers all over the US.

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Basically I was looking at a bread machine for making dough. I really wasn't planning on using it to bake the bread. Thanks for all the help. Now Im off in search of a kitchenaide mixer :)


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>I have also become a decent bread baker  -- but don't know enough about 
>bread machines because I have avoided using/owning one.  I noticed my folks 
>have one, but it is not used as often as I would expect  {dad probably 
>bought it coz it's a "gadget" and was on sale}  My In-laws have one, but I 
>saw how they mix the dough, but then take the dough out for a final rising & 
>bake it in the oven.  I think the "fun is in the doing"  -- I use my 
>kitchenaide bread hook too for the first round of mixing, but then knead by 
>hand.  A kitchenAide is much more versatile a machine than one that only 
>bakes bread.
>Share with us why you want a bread machine
>Caointiarn  { baking bread for Spring Feast in BSK}

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