[Sca-cooks] KitchenAide [was Reason for a bread maker]

Sandra Kisner sjk3 at cornell.edu
Mon Feb 11 06:47:51 PST 2008

>If you are looking to make dough which you plan to finish by hand, then a
>high end mixer like the KitchenAide is a much more practical and versatile
>tool than a bread maker.

Speaking of KitchenAide mixers, just this weekend I saw a sidebar in an 
article in Fine Cooking about stand mixers.  I forget what the article 
itself was about, but the jist of the sidebar was that "we've recommended 
the KitchenAide stand mixer, but now we think the Cuisinart mixer is 
better."  However, one of the reasons they gave was the presence of a 
pouring chute, which I believe some of the KA have already anyway.  Does 
anyone have experience with the high-end Cuisinart machine?


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