[Sca-cooks] KitchenAide [was Reason for a bread maker]

terry l. ridder terrylr at blauedonau.com
Mon Feb 11 08:23:36 PST 2008


concerning kitchenaid. look for
units. i have several kitchenaid appliances
which are all reconditioned units. less expensive
than the brand new kitchenaid unit and just
as good.

the one reconditioned unit did come with
the pour chute.

if you decide on a viking or cuisinart 
stand mixer i would still suggest looking for a
reconditioned/refurbished/remanufacturer unit.
you will spend less for the same unit.

On Mon, 11 Feb 2008, Sandra Kisner wrote:

>> If you are looking to make dough which you
>> plan to finish by hand, then a high end mixer
>> like the KitchenAide is a much more practical
>> and versatile tool than a bread maker.
> Speaking of KitchenAide mixers, just this weekend
> I saw a sidebar in an article in Fine Cooking about
> stand mixers.  I forget what the article itself was
> about, but the jist of the sidebar was that "we've
> recommended the KitchenAide stand mixer, but now we
> think the Cuisinart mixer is better."  However, one
> of the reasons they gave was the presence of a pouring
> chute, which I believe some of the KA have already anyway.
> Does anyone have experience with the high-end Cuisinart
> machine?
> Sandra

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