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Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 11 14:09:57 PST 2008

> Master A, What is the difference between a chivalry peerage and a > non- chivalry peerage.....Please?> Phillipa
I'm not Master Adamantius but I may have some ideas about 
the difference.
Chivalry elevation has tended to be a bit more structured and
formalized in the past. This is in part because there were knighting
vigils in period and no such animal for Laurels and Pelicans. Of
course, there were no such animals as Laurels and Pelicans either.
The Chivalry has been a bit jealous over their traditions and felt
that people attempting to make their elevation ceremonies match
a knighting were "overstepping their bounds" in a way.
It tended for years that a knighting was very structured and formal
whereas Pelican and Laurel ceremonies much more casual.
This has changed over the past decade or so with all Peerage 
ceremonies becoming more elaborate. But there is still a bit of
a stigma over a Pelican or Laurel candidate sitting vigil or swearing
fealty as this is considered part of knighthood. Some candidates
do sit vigil and swear fealty now and it is becoming much more
Others will hold "receptions" but will contain pretty much every aspect
of a knighting vigil where the candidate sits alone and accepts visitors
to discuss the new path they are embarking on.
I don't plan on sitting in a little tent as people come in to tell
me about being a Peer or even a Laurel. I would prefer to hang
out with everyone, maybe in a chair in the corner and talk to those
who come by. Of course I have absolutely no say in the matter
because my wails protests are totally ignored by the people doing
the real work on this.
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