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Mon Feb 11 15:21:56 PST 2008

> However, according to Corpora, the three Orders are equal in rank. > The use of a chivalry-based vigil and ceremony is perfectly > consistent with the Game as we play it- or at least how we say (in > _writing_) we play it.
I ain't saying it's not according to Corpora or fair, just how it
was. The Chiv was considered for a long time to be "more Equal"
than the others and got quite grumpy about some non-fighter
putting on airs like they were a real knight.
Things have changed but you still see reminders of those times.
Non-Chivalric candidates now sit vigil, swear fealty and even have
ritual baths but I wonder about the commentary if that candidate
were dubbed with the Sword and given a Chain of Fealty.
At the same time I think there would be some squawks if the knight
candidate were to be presented with a "Champion's Circlet" composed
of bay laurel leaves because he is a Roman personna.
All the groups have their traditions and regalia they guard rather
jealously. The knights are just a bit more jealous of theirs.
> A lot of vigils are low key like that. For Katrine and I, it was a > bit like letting Society know that we were 'At Home' to receive > visitors. (Drop your calling card on the butler's plate like a dear.)
I feel mine will be similar, I'd like to just kind of be out there for people
to talk to if they wish. But I really don't know what the elves have
planned for me.
 > Gunthar- lie back and think of England.
Ah, the sufferings and sacrifices I do.
> 'Lainie
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