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Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 11 15:51:41 PST 2008

Michael Gunter wrote:
>> However, according to Corpora, the three Orders are equal in rank. > The use of a chivalry-based vigil and ceremony is perfectly > consistent with the Game as we play it- or at least how we say (in > _writing_) we play it.
> I ain't saying it's not according to Corpora or fair, just how it
> was. The Chiv was considered for a long time to be "more Equal"
> than the others and got quite grumpy about some non-fighter
> putting on airs like they were a real knight.
> Things have changed but you still see reminders of those times.
> Non-Chivalric candidates now sit vigil, swear fealty and even have
> ritual baths but I wonder about the commentary if that candidate
> were dubbed with the Sword and given a Chain of Fealty.

I was dubbed with a sword at my elevation to the Pelicanate.  Nobody 

The Chain is a reserved charge for the Chivalry, through the College of 
Arms, although I have known a few dissident Laurels and Pelicans who 
wore it on purpose as a protest, saying the weight of Fealty wore just 
as heavily on themselves as on any Knight.  I do not advocate this 
position, I merely report it.

The main reason I didn't have a Vigil as such was because I elected to 
have my ceremony on the same day I was proposed, since I did not want 
them to have a chance to change their minds.  True story.  Occasionally 
I regret that decision, I didn't have any fancy touches, guest speakers, 
procession or anything at my elevation.   My natural humility would not 
even think of such a thing. I consider I had a "walking vigil" and let 
people bend my ear with advice while I went about my day's tasks on that 
tourney day.  [Mostly making syrup-flavored ice for the populace on a 
very hot Crown Tourney day - obligatory food content!] 

Selene Colfox, Caid

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