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Mon Feb 11 16:49:26 PST 2008

    I know what you are going through. A year and a half ago  I was 
hospitalized for Pancreatitis, and my liver was shutting down. I was on  the verge of 
dying from Alcoholism. After 8 days in the hospital and tubes  coming out of 
every area in my body I was told that I could never drink again. I  was so bad 
durring my drinking time that I couldn't walk down stairs, I  litterally had to 
go down on my butt, So to be able to sit there and not have  the shakes was a 
gigantic monkey off my back. 
        I also was a smoker, and in  the time that I was in Rehab, I put 
myself in outpatient rehab, even though I am  and have been resolt on never 
touching alcohol again, I wanted to have  information on how to live a productive 
life without it. I was told on a regular  basis that I needed to quit smoking. I 
felt I have given up enough, that I  needed one joy. Well fast forward to 
now. I quit caffine-worst headaches EVER.  Do not do this unless you enjoy head 
splitting headaches, and now I quit  smoking. it has been 3 months and boy oh 
boy I still have awesome urges to  smoke, but everyday gets a little better, I 
used the patches for 2 months and  they did help curb, now my worry is eating 
too much LOL. I swear you can't win  LOL. I wish you all the best, I suggest 
that you try the patches!! I know it is  hard, but think of your daughter who 
loves you, that should help the urge, cause  she wants you to LIVE!!
Best of Luck!!!=o)
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At 4 am  my husband took me to emergency. We arrived two minutes before 
my kidneys  stopped functioning.l I spent 5 days in the intensive care 
unit and five  days in a normal room.
Then I came home and resumed smoking  but much less each day. My 
daughter wrote

HANG IN THERE- keep your  purpose as to why it is so important to quit
smoking- you finally have the  life you want and deserve to live it without
being on an oxygen tank.  pablos grandma lived on an oxygen tank the last
years of her life bc of  emphysema.

ademas, be compassionate with yourself, a lot of anger will  come up now
because everytime you had a cigarette you pushed that anger  down for YEARS
AND YEARS, so maybe you can look into releasing ways. quien  sabe, you need
to figure it out for yourself but it is soooooo worth  it.
My friend Diana came the other day. She was so anti-smoking that when  she 
left it was all I could to to not look for a cigarette.

I am taking  15 pills a day to stop smoking. My husband finds me lunar.  I am 
floating  in the air. We think I should stop taking so many pills but we 
don´t know how  to do  it.

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