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When you can finally kick the habit you find that you still crave the first
hit off of a cigarette.  I am a reformed smoker.  Almost 30 years and I
still want a good cigar when drinking with the boys,and the first thing in
the morning.  You will find that food tastes much better and you use less
spices to taste the food.  A side effect of nicotine is that is messes with
your digestive system making it much less efficient.  So with out eating
anymore food you will gain weight.  Somehow it isn’t fair.  You are doing a
good thing for your body and you gain weight .  You need to do something
else to occupy you hands and mouth.  I tried in vain to convince my wife
that sex was what I needed to substitute .  I ended up reading a lot
instead.  Gum works for some.  Talk to your Dr.  There are some meds that
help quite the cravings.  

Dan in Auburn WA

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At 4 am my husband took me to emergency. We arrived two minutes before 
my kidneys stopped functioning.l I spent 5 days in the intensive care 
unit and five days in a normal room.
    Then I came home and resumed smoking but much less each day. My 
daughter wrote

HANG IN THERE- keep your purpose as to why it is so important to quit
smoking- you finally have the life you want and deserve to live it without
being on an oxygen tank. pablos grandma lived on an oxygen tank the last
years of her life bc of emphysema.

ademas, be compassionate with yourself, a lot of anger will come up now
because everytime you had a cigarette you pushed that anger down for YEARS
AND YEARS, so maybe you can look into releasing ways. quien sabe, you need
to figure it out for yourself but it is soooooo worth it.
My friend Diana came the other day. She was so anti-smoking that when she
left it was all I could to to not look for a cigarette.

I am taking 15 pills a day to stop smoking. My husband finds me lunar.  I am
floating in the air. We think I should stop taking so many pills but we
don´t know how to do it.

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