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That's got to be, in some respects, a regional or kingdom thing.  I didn't get vigils or anything fancy at all with either peerage, but then the first one (uh, 15? 18? years ago...) was done at a time in Atenveldt when it was pretty rare for even Chiv to get anything super fancy, and my second peerage was a deliberate drive-by.  Nowadays, the vigils (when they're done) are pretty much up to the preferences of the candidates, as much as possible.  If I'd had the opportunity, I'd have had a relaxed party/vigil, and then an as-period-and-formal-as-I-could-make-it ceremony (complete with wearing a copy of Elizabeth I's gown from the Pelican portrait), but that didn't happen.  Oh well, I'll make the dress some day anyways!
There are bare hints of Chiv being more equal than the other peerages in my experience of living in Atenveldt and Artemisia, but I don't really get it from the members of the chivalry around here--it's more from the non-peers.  There's an "okay, that's a cool award" feel to people getting tapped to be a Pel or Laurel, but there's this huge, built-in "ooh, ahhh!" for a candidate for knighthood.  A bit unfair, perhaps, but more a product of our culture than anything.  And, of course, the way the SCA is structured means that as a non-fighting artisan, I could never win a crown or coronet with the work of my hands....
We don't have peerage circlets in Artemisia at all (only for baronage and current/former royals), so the chaplet of leaves would be a non-issue.  And as long as I'm in fealty, I'm allowed to wear my medallions on a simple gold chain, if I wish.  I did ask several local knights if they'd have a problem if I chose to wear a large-linked chain as part of a GermanRen outfit, and no one had any problem with it at all.
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  > However, according to Corpora, the three Orders are equal in rank. > The use of a chivalry-based vigil and ceremony is perfectly > consistent with the Game as we play it- or at least how we say (in > _writing_) we play it.
  I ain't saying it's not according to Corpora or fair, just how it
  was. The Chiv was considered for a long time to be "more Equal"
  than the others and got quite grumpy about some non-fighter
  putting on airs like they were a real knight.
  Things have changed but you still see reminders of those times.
  Non-Chivalric candidates now sit vigil, swear fealty and even have
  ritual baths but I wonder about the commentary if that candidate
  were dubbed with the Sword and given a Chain of Fealty.
  At the same time I think there would be some squawks if the knight
  candidate were to be presented with a "Champion's Circlet" composed
  of bay laurel leaves because he is a Roman personna.
  All the groups have their traditions and regalia they guard rather
  jealously. The knights are just a bit more jealous of theirs.
  > A lot of vigils are low key like that. For Katrine and I, it was a > bit like letting Society know that we were 'At Home' to receive > visitors. (Drop your calling card on the butler's plate like a dear.)
  I feel mine will be similar, I'd like to just kind of be out there for people
  to talk to if they wish. But I really don't know what the elves have
  planned for me.
   > Gunthar- lie back and think of England.
  Ah, the sufferings and sacrifices I do.
  > 'Lainie

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