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   I am glad I'm not the only one that was slightly bothered by that 
"why do you want to know, they make a substandard product"

I own 2 kitchen aid mixers and a bunch of other kitchen aid 
equipment, and I also now own an older oster bread machine.  My Dad 
originally bought one because he was a gadget person but he also was 
not physically able to make bread but he liked "fresh bread" better 
than store bought and he learned to be the "master" of bread machine 
cooking.  He owned a 2 lb square loaf bread machine and by the time 
he passed away the only way you knew that bread was made in a bread 
machine was because on the bottom you could see depressions from the 
dough blades  other than that it was absolutely wonderful bread, but 
he fiddled with recipes and added all sorts of things, and used a 
certain flour blend.  I am sorry  I never got him to write down all 
the knowledge he had.

Some days I feel physically able to make bread from scratch and other 
times I don't but need a loaf of bread and I love the smell of bread 
cooking in the house so I use the bread machine when I am able and 
make it from scratch when I am able.

I too answered her e-mail privately, if I had known what she was 
going to use it for I would've recommended a kitchen aid as well, my 
mom never liked the way the kitchen aid kneeded the dough so she 
would kneed it by hand after she thought it had been done enough in 
the kitchen aid.  :-)


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>Does it really matter why Cecelie would like a bread machine?
>She asked the list for help and advice and I at least took the question
>seriously and
>answered offlist. In that we don't have the archives available, we just
>can't say go look
>in the SCA Cooks Archives and read what we have said in the past. That
>option doesn't exist.
>YES I own a bread machine and use one for a variety of reasons.
>Mostly it's a matter of time and convenience, but also I keep this house
>between 55 and 60 degrees in the winter
>which is cold for bread rising. Also why should I heat the oven up to
>bake a loaf?
>Mostly I can bake bread by hand or I can do needlepoint or read. Also
>kneading bread by hand
>bothers the hands these days as does the typing. Knead or type is the
>So not making bread by hand also allows me to research, write, and
>attend to various lists and type answers to questions.
>Perhaps I should drop the lists and return to making bread by hand;
>would that be
>a better use of my time?
>Caointiarn wrote:
> > Share with us why you want a bread machine
> > Caointiarn  { baking bread for Spring Feast in BSK}
> >
> >>> Sorry that this isn't about period cooking, but I am in the market for a
> >>> bread machine. I was wondering which are good ones and ones to 
> avoid. Any
> >>> help would be appreciated.
> >>> Cecelie
> >

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