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Hi Stefan, 
Yes they are mamouls and someone answered with a link to molds, although
they carry the molds at Habibas. What I wanted was a recipe and I got that
too! Thanks tons for your reference too!

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Sabina asked:
<<< I just bought a package of cookies from my local Middle Eastern
store and
they sound just like this and are sooooooo delightfully yummy.
However, they
look to me like they have been made in some sort of mold. Anybody got an
idea as to the kind of mold and where I could put my grubby little
mitts on
one?  I'm keeping this recipe (see me nodding my head like a
bobblehead) >>>
The recipe in the message you were replying to sounded more like
spoon or drop cookies.
I'm wondering if the ones you are thinking of are closer to mamouls.
Even if they aren't, this file mentions using such molds, although
I'm not sure if any sources are given or not.
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